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The 2011/2012 school year marked the beginning of what has become the annual Student Achievement Awards. After having spent that school year with the students, shooting photos of Q.V.M.S. athletic events as well as taking photos of the Q.V.M.S. Dance Team and various other Q.V.M.S. events, I came to realize that among the Quail Valley student body were students with a pronounced dedication to good citizenship, academic performance, and athletic drive. We decided that we wanted to acknowledge and commend them for their efforts as well as recognize them for their outstanding Quail Valley Middle School career at the year end award ceremony which takes place prior to the 8th grade promotion. For the 2011/2012 school year as well as each year since, we have been able to provide a "starter package" to help these students on their way to success at Serrano High School where we know that they will continue to exemplify the outstanding moral and character traits that they demonstrated here at Quail Valley Middle School. This "starter package" included a framed photo and certificate as well as a Serrano sweatshirt and ASB card - total value exceeding $100. We have been able to give this merit based award to two outstanding students each year since. 

Would you like to help show that our community appreciates students like these and help ensure that the Student Achievement Awards will continue? If so, please select a donation amount and click the "Support Our Students" button below. All proceeds go directly to the Student Achievement Award program. Donors will receive favorable mention here on this page as well as at the award ceremony held at Q.V.M.S. on promotion day.

Thanks in advance for your whole hearted support. Your willingness to support our outstanding students is truly appreciated.


Jason Howard King
Award Recipients:


To Be Announced
To Be Announced


Tiffany Tran
Daisy Huerta


Lacey Slocumb
Chance Griffin
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